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More and more people are realizing that they have to take charge if they want to have vibrant health. And by vibrant health, we mean a strong immune system easily capable of fighting off viruses and bacteria, plenty of energy, mental clarity, deep restorative sleep and a body free from stiffness, aches and pains. Unfortunately the current 'healthcare' system is more of a 'sickcare' system'. So we need to look to other resources to help us. Essential oils can help us achieve all of the above. Look below at some of the uses of the top ten oils, but bear in mind that we are restricted in what we can say about essential oils in a public forum.  Sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know about upcoming webinars and our next community detox. We will not share your email address with anyone else and we will only send you emails occasionally to let you know about online classes, or when there is a special offer to join our community and get access to the private education area. when we host our next private free online class, fill in the form below.

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All things calming and relaxing


  • Apply to feet and spine or take a drop internally to ease anxious feelings or promote a restful sleep

  • Use topically on skin irritations to soothe the area and relieve itching and redness

  • Mix with water and spritz on linens as a natural linen spray

  • Diffuse to reduce stress and tension

  • Use on cuts and scrapes to soothe the area



Cleansing, energising, purifying

  • Diffuse to neutralize odor

  • Use a drop to remove sticky residue

  • Add a few drops to your water for flavour and a gentle detox for your body plus an energy boost mid day

  • Put on the bridge of the nose for a runny nose

  • Add a few drops to your dishwasher or laundry to freshen it up naturally

  • Use with water and vinegar for a natural all purpose spray to get rid of unwanted germs

  • Use on scars or dark spots with frankincense to help lighten the area (avoid sun exposure where applied for 12 hours)

  • Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle to clean toys, surfaces, or use as hand sanitizer



All things cooling with this one


  • Mix with fractionated coconut oil and put on bottoms of feet and down the spine to cool down the body naturally. Reapply often (every 15-20 min) until temp is where you would like it

  • Use in a spray bottle with water to keep away ants and spiders

  • Use on sunburn to cool the skin or put on back of neck when experiencing hot flashes associated with menopause (can also take a drop internally to help with this)

  • Put a drop in your mouth for a breath freshener

  • Use on temples and neck to reduce head tension

  • It is a natural vasodilator, use aromatically to increase alertness on a long drive or while doing homework

  • Take a drop internally or put some on tummy to calm digestive upset or reduce feelings of nausea



Cleansing and purifying


  • Use a drop on any skin irritations or impurities add a few drops to fractionated coconut oil

  • Use as an after shaving lotion to get rid of bacteria

  • Combine 10 drops with half cup baking soda and quarter cup vinegar to use as a toilet cleaner

  • Put on nails to keep them clean and healthy

  • Put on bottoms of feet, a few drops in a gel cap, or put a few drops in water with your other immune boosting oils to give your body a power boost to stay well

  • Great to use as a cleansing agent for scrapes (great first aid oil)

  • Put a drop around ears and down ear bone for ear discomfort and when you or your little one is congested to keep ears healthy

  • Put on chest to help clear congestion



Immune, respiratory & digestion

  • Take a few drops in a veggie capsule periodically for a mega immune boost

  • Use with water in a spray bottle to clean the corners of the shower and sink and other dark damp areas

  • Heavily dilute and apply to toenails to keep impurities out

  • Dilute and apply to skin tags 2x daily to help smooth the skin out

  • Use a drop internally to create a healthy digestive track and bladder to keep unwanted germs out

  • Oregano can aid in creating clear respiratory systems when taken internally or diffused



Immune & nervous system


  • Apply to skin to help reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes

  • Use daily internally to help support healthy cell development and a healthy inflammatory response

  • Apply topically to feet and spine (or use internally) to help support your bodies immune system

  • Diffuse or apply on bottles of the feet to help balance mood and soothe emotions

  • Use on temples and back of neck for head tension



Respiratory Blend

  • Eucalyptus, peppermint, laurel, melaleuca, cardamon, lemon, ravensara

  • Put on chest or inhale from hands to open airways

  • Inhale from hands before and after exercising to keep airways open, plus it increases your Oxygen intake by almost 30% during exercise

  • Place a few drops on a towel to throw in a hot shower to open airways and create a spa like environment

  • Diffuse at night to help keep airways open and promote a good sleep.

  • Put on feet & big toe to help keep snorers quieter

  • Seasonal discomfort making it hard to breathe? Simply take a drop in your hand and take several deep inhales or put under the nose and on the chest



Sore & Achy Muscle Blend


  • Wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, blue tansy, helichrysum, blue chamomile, and osmanthus.

  • Rub on muscles before and after workouts to reduce discomfort

  • Use on occasional muscles, joint, and ligament pain to sooth the area

  • Use on forehead and back of neck to reduce tension and headaches

  • Use on abdomen to help ease cramps related to PMS

  • Add to a deep tissue massage for added relaxation

  • Put on growing legs to provide soothing relief

  • Apply with a warm compress to muscles to support healthy blood flow and promote a healthy inflammatory response



Digestive Blend


  • Ginger root, peppermint plant, coriander seed, caraway seed, tarragon plant, anise seed, and fennel seed.

  • This blend was created to help with occasional stomach discomfort, gas, bloating, and nausea.

  • Put a drop or two with some fractionated coconut oil to rub onto tummy to ease discomfort and help with digestion (great for kids too)

  • Put on forehead and bridge of nose when experiencing tension or sinus pressure

  • Over indulge? Take a drop or two in water or in a capsule to help digestion

  • Diffuse in the car or put on pulse points to ease car sickness or when queasy on a boat or plane

  • Put in belly button to ease nausea take a few drops in a shot of water for heartburn

  • Blend of cinnamon bark, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove and wild orange

  • Diffuse to purify the air/kill airborne bacteria

  • When others around you are coming down with a bug mix two drops in a shot of water and gargle with it to soothe an irritated sore throat

  • Take a few drops in a veggie cap daily or put on the bottoms of the feet daily to boost your immunity

  • Apply to gums or teeth after dental work or to soothe irritation

  • Mix with water to use as an easy hand sanitiser or to clean toys and surfaces in the home


Support and protect your Immune System

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