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Balanced hormones are the key to feeling amazing

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Learn about your hormones and how balancing them is the key to solving so many of your health problems, from PMS, to weight gain to thyroid issues. This masterclass is for you if you suffer from:


Fertility issues

Fatigue and brain fog

Difficulty losing weight

Weight around tummy

Fibroids or endometriosis

Thyroid issues

Hot flashes/night sweats

Low libido




We’ll go over the reasons behind these problems and some simple things you can do with diet, exercise and essential oils to find relief. Have a pen and paper handy - this will be a very educational but non technical class. Knowledge is essential for long lasting habit changes. By the end of this class, you will know more about your hormones than your doctor.


Supplement recommendations: Please don't buy from amazon as there is no guarantee that the supplements are in date or that they are what they say they are on the label. Buy only from official brand stockists.


I like the professional brand Equilibrium Nutrition Adrenal Soothe for adrenal support if you are under a lot of stress

B complex for energy and stress management

Magnesium - recommended for all women

UK and Europe

B complex - Pure Encapsulations brand

Magnesium Glycinate - Pure Encapsulations

HPA select - Moss Nutrition brand

These are available from Amrita Nutrition online - email me for a practitioner referral and a discount. (

Doterra supplements mentioned in the video

Serenity capsules

Lifelong Vitality (LLV)

mito2max for energy and adrenal boost (cheaper as an add on to the LLV)

Adaptiv capsules (US only for now)

Kirtan Kriya meditation

video to follow along to

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